Saturday, August 21, 2010

More Bday cards

Here is another small birthday painting, This time for my lovely friend Serena.
I hope she likes it, I haven't given it to her yet :D
I only recently discovered the multi-coloured effect that occurs when you paint with water into the black ink you have already placed on the page.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Birthday Card

So I've been wanting to make personal birthday cards for my friends more often so I'm proud that I actually got two done for once

For beautiful Liru and Gezza who both turned 22 in August

Digital Painting Practice

Well I've been trying to get my head around digital painting so I thought i'd start out simple and do an apple.

I followed this great tutorial by bumskee on

Monday, August 2, 2010

Gustav Klimt

So I'm currently trying to get some concept art happening for my Tafe unit but I feel the open brief has made me constantly question my decisions. Everytime I reached an idea I kept on thinking I could seek out a "better solution." All of this has resulted in no real progress but a large bunch of undeveloped sketches of random concepts. I only have two weeks left to get some really concrete work done or else re-enrolment for me, HA!

Anyway at the moment I have a huge art crush on Mr Gustav Klimt and can't stop looking at his beautiful work! The book Gustav Klimt: Art Nouveau Visionary by Eva Di Stefano is fantastic as it gives really close up detail images of each work.
Judith II