Monday, November 21, 2011

San Francisco

A day in San Francisco

I was quite happy with this last drawing as I didn't add in a bunch of unnecessary lines.

Fashion Sketches

I was in the library and I came across an image of this dress which I had to draw, I will link to the original dress when I remember the name of the book

I did this some time last year in a fashion illustration class taught by Pippa Mcmanus. I was quite proud of it so thought I'd upload

Poster for Jackson's

I thought I would mix it up and add some graphic design work.

Here's a simple poster I did for a demo we held at Jackson's recently. I was quite happy with it but I still find type difficult to get right. Although I'm beginning to appreciate and enjoy it more these days.

The patterns are from this amazing Japanese paper that we have in store.

The Getty

Please visit The Getty if you go to LA, it is well worth it! On top of seeing some world class art, it is on a hill which allows you to get an excellent view of LA.

View from the beautiful garden

View from one of the top floors

I was inspired by a lot of the fashion on display. I drew from the actual clothes themselves...

from paintings

from sculptures

and from a powerpoint during a lecture on fashion

Sketches at LA County Museum

Here are various sketches, mainly from America which I have been meaning to upload

I fell in love with this Japanese sculpture so I spent about 30 minutes drawing a moderately well rendered piece. I enjoyed the fact that it was called Elephant.

This was one of the Helmets that was designed for the Planet of the Apes. It was at the amazing Tim Burton exhibit

A quick master copy of Jaques Callot's etching which was one of a series of his prints on show in a small exhibit curated by Tim Burton himself! I was also very happy to view one of his pieces in my very own city of Perth in an exhibition currently on display at the art gallery of WA. You should definitely check it out if you have the chance!


and here was the front of a canoe from Papua New Guinea which was carved beautifully!

Drypoint printmaking at Fremantle arts centre

Yesterday I completed a drypoint printmaking course at Fremantle Arts Centre taught by Shana James which was alot of fun

Here are my finished pieces, let me know what you think :D