Friday, September 24, 2010

Beautiful words

These beautiful words were written by a women who's life was taken away on 9/11.
To view the amazing memorial site that her family made for her go to

By Alicia Titus
Written January 4, 1999

Happiness is such an elusive emotion.
One day you're soaring on its wings,
the next you're looking about hoping to catch a glimpse
of its sunny magnificence,
trying to convince yourself it was real
and not just a memory of a fairy tale from childhood.

Over the years my recipe for happiness has changed.
Used to be, all I needed (or thought I needed)
was a knight in shining armor.
Then, it was the King and his kingdom,
next I just needed the kingdom,
I could rule.

What ingredients do I need today?

1) An infinite amount of love to give
and receive freely

2) A purpose, goal, destination,
I'm still working on it.

Those who have known
the greatest happiness
have opened themselves
to the most gut-wrenching sorrow.
It's a gamble, you have to play to win.
Or maybe those who have endured suffering
have a greater respect for joy,
can appreciate it wherever they find it,
the smell of a rose,
the sight of a baby,
an old couple holding hands.
And those who've lived their lives
in a heart numbing cocoon
of sanity, safety, and contentment
don't have the capacity for pure joy.
Or, maybe this is what I tell myself
in order to pick myself up,
dust off, and hop on again.
Back into the battle. -

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