Saturday, June 11, 2011


Well I just arrived in Los Angeles today Hooray. It was quite an eventful journey but I finally made it (thanks to the help of some awesome people.) So it's sorta cold atm but hopefully it warms up when I arrive back to LA on the 3rd of August. Hostel International Santa Monica is where I'm staying the night and its a really nice place, clean and roomy and has a great atmosphere.I also went for a walk tonight and was amazed by how massive the stores are!I brought a bikini top as I forgot my bathers and it was only $12! The bookstore Barnes and Noble was open till 11 so I chilled out there and read a bunch of art books and mags. I will be leaving to go to Kansas in about 7 hours, wish I had booked another day in LA so I could head to the Getty but oh well. Anyway I haven't got much art to show yet but will make sure I update with at least one image per day from now on.

Bye for now buddies!


  1. You better!
    ~shakes fist~

    America definitely sounds like an Excellent Adventure. Enjoy it.

  2. aww meliss! im jealous, hope youre having a blassstt