Friday, May 4, 2012

cosa ho trovato

I stumbled across my black paper sketch book from America so here are a few museum and interior studies I would like to share. Also a sketch I did at dome cafe today and a experiment in photoshop

Ho trovato il mio libro con carta nero dalla America. Ecco alcuni museo schizzi vorrei condividere. Anche un disegno ho fatto dal "dome" cafe stasera e un esperimento con photoshop.

amazing sculpture from the Design Museum in New York

Maira Kalman had her own show at the Jewish museum in New York and it was curated and presented perfectly in my eyes. I would love to one day have a show similar to the set up of this one. She was also there selling various products for charity.

Fell in love with matisse sculptures.
mi sono innamorata di questa scultura di matisse.
at the dome cafe today admiring the glorious selection of sweets.
Alla "Dome Cafe" dove oggi ho ammirato la varietà di dolci.  
An extremely impressive sculpture at the Brooklyn Museum of Art.
 bellissima scultura al Brooklyn Museo di Arte

playing around with patterns and my drawings in photoshop
Stavo giocando con i modelli e il mio disegno con photoshop

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